Our Mission

Here at Harmon Memorial Hospital, we are dedicated to improving and providing quality health care for our community. If you are in need of health care services, our team and quality medical staff are ready to provide you with competent, compassionate care. Serving your healthcare needs is our top priority, and we welcome any suggestions you may have regarding how we may better serve and care for you.

Our Mission Statement

I am Harmon Memorial Hospital.
I am the eyes the patients look into when they are frightened, sick and lonely.
I am the voice people hear when they walk the hallways, comfort a loved one, try to sleep or try to forget their problems.
I am the intelligence, the caring and compassion people expect to find at Harmon Memorial Hospital.
I am the memory people take with them when they leave Harmon Memorial Hospital.
I am the experience people talk to their friends about.
I am Harmon Memorial Hospital.